Each organization has its own rules about what constitutes faults and whether one can earn a qualifying score with faulted runs. A completed run that passes the minimum defined standards for time, faults, points, or so on, is referred to as a qualifying run and in some cases earns credit towards agility titles. A qualifying run is also referred to as a leg. A clean run or clear round is one with no faults.

Each fault is 2 points.  A fault can happen more than one on a course.  3 of the same fault is an automatic Non-Qual.

Safety Rules Not following any of these rules will automatically result in a non-passing score. We reserve the right to give a dog a non-passing score if a dog seems overly fearful or stressed.
Dogs must perform all obstacles independently and with confidence. Handlers may touch their dog at any time in order to ensure safety, but they may not lift or pick up a dog and put them on an obstacle. The only time picking up a dog is allowed is to safely remove a dog from an obstacle.
Wrong Equipment Dogs must wear a comfortable harness according to the safety rules and a light long line.
Dogs falls off obstacle All obstacles should be checked for safety before asking your dog to interact with them.  Should the dog fall, this is a training error.
More then one cue Only one cue from the human is allowed for each skill on an obstacle.
Refusal The dog makes an approach towards an obstacle, but then turns away or hesitates significantly before attempting the obstacle.
Corrections Corrections are not allowed.
Handling The handler deliberately touches the dog or equipment when it's not a safety issue.
Other faults If this is a trail event and not a submitted video, these other faults can include dog biting the judge or the handler or other unsportsmanlike behavior, the handler exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior, the dog eliminating in the ring, the dog leaving the ring and not coming back, the handler carrying toys or food into the ring, the dog running with his collar on (collars are prohibited during Parkour), and others.

Collars are prohibited because they can get caught on obstacles and may possibly choke the dog.  Harnesses can still get caught but most likely the dog will be fine once released.  

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