The founders of this organization are positive reinforcement based trainers and it is hoped that all who enter this sport will come to see the value of this spectrum of training tools. 

Please read through the commonly used methods used by positive reinforcement based trainers in training behaviors contained in this section.  We stress setting a dog up to be successful whether this means changing the environment so the behavior is easier to learn, or making sure that the dog understands what we are asking him to do before taking corrective measures.

There are several ways to say "don't do that" to a dog, there are a zillion circumstances where it would be necessary to do so.  But there are only a few circumstances to say "yes, I like that, do that".  We challenge everyone to think about whether they would enjoy spending the time with their dog telling them no every minute or so because he didn't know the rules, or whether they would rather teach the dog what is expected and what is valuable behavior and then rarely having to say "please don't do that".

Some say that positive reinforcement type training takes longer then the more common forms of correction based training, we personally have never found this to be the case.  This is especially not the case in the long run as our dogs learn what to do instead of trying to remember the numerous ways to do things that humans don't like.

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