1. In order to proceed with titling in this venue, you must demonstrate an understanding of our philosophy by providing a video for a title of Canine Parkour Dog In Training. This is described in Titles/In Training.
  2. Titles in other venues are not acceptable until the In Training video is done here. Titles may be transferred from other agencies with the submission of the same videos used for those titles.
  3. No collars during videos, only harnesses. Collars can get caught on objects with the possibility of choking.
  4. Long lines are optional pending approval. Dogs who demonstrate excellent recall, self-control, and impulse control and handler engagement may be excused from using a long line. But no standard leashes. A 4 to 8 foot leash interferes with the free movement of the dog. Safety requires that free movement.
  5. No bait bags to be worn, food carried in the hands or other places the dog is use to during training.  If you dog is use to the food coming from a pouch in front, move it to the back.  If he is use to you using your pockets, wear a purse or a jacket.  In Training and Novice Standard are exempt from this rule.
  6. Rewards may be given after a skill is performed by the dog and the dog is well away from the obstacle. In the event of multiple skills, rewards only after the entire behavior chain are performed and the dog is away from the area.
  7. Stressed, avoidant, fearful, anxious dogs will not be approved for titles. This tells us one of two things 1) the dog has not been trained for success or 2) the dog has low confidence levels and that needs to be addressed first.
  8. "Courses" are merely a set of obstacles and the skills to do with those obstacles. Each obstacle/skill pair can be done and video'd separately or you can do one video per obstacle with all the skills that "course" asks for or stitch all your videos together into one.
  9. Videos should be posted at YouTube, Google+, Vimeo or wherever free access is available for our judges. Videos should not be long. We don't need to see the entire training process only the final result. Most obstacle/skill pairs should video in seconds if the dog actually understands the behavior.
  10. Puppy Parkour is for puppies between 4 and 8 months old and contains obedience basics, proprioception and simple object skills.
  11. Scoring is 200 for a perfect run. Faults take 2 points off for each occurrence in a video. Anything less then 190 will require a re-try.
  12. Novice requires 3 different videos of 3 different "courses". Open, Excellent and Masters require 5 "courses" each.
  13. Pre-requisite for Creative is Open in both Jumpers and Standard.
  14. Senior Parkour is for dogs who are considered seniors for their breed or have issues such as hip displasia, missing limbs, spinal diseases or chronic illness.

In Training

Standard Parkour



Jumpers Parkour

Creative Parkour