Brynda (AKA Pook or Pooh Bear), Boxer/Australian Shepherd mix, born 8/23/2008.  Brynda is the matriarch of the Robin Hood pack right now.  She is the nurse, the groomer, the one who prevents fights and makes sure everything runs smoothly.  She never gets angry or aggressive, the "force" she uses is only appropriate to the issues at hand.  She is awesome with other dogs, especially the shy dogs and will have a "talk" with them and help them get over their fears.

Brynda completed Therapy Dog training and is a registered therapy dog with Therapy Pets Unlimited.  Her preferred age group to work with is 6 months to 2 years old.  She will lay on the floor and just let the toddlers do what they want provided it doesn't hurt.  She's been known to trap one or two between her paws and bathe them when they are sticky from food.

In November of 2014 Brynda had a stroke and so she has been retired from Therapy work and from assisting me in working with other dogs.  She regained full use of her body, but she doesn't have the tolerance for the overly excited or aroused dogs anymore.

Brynda has her Canine Good Citizen, Community Canine, CLASS Bachelors, Masters and PhD, along with her Therapy Dog Excellent.


Piri (AKA PPP which means Piri Puppy Power or Bo Peep), Boxer/Border Collie mix, born May 23, 2014.  Piri is the baby of the Robin Hood pack and is still finding her way in life.  She excels in balance, coordination, courage, is a champion tugger and her heeling position is awesome.  She will probably end up in Rally Obedience and maybe some agility.

Piri already has her Canine Good Citizen award and her Community Canine award.  We are working on her CLASS Masters as she also gained her award for CLASS Bachelors.  

Piri learned early in life to play with dogs of all sizes and temperaments and gets along with most dogs.  She does not tolerate dogs who resource guard food or toys and thinks everything should be shared with her.  

Her best friend is a 90 # Golden Doodle named Parker who she misses terribly as he is back in Arizona.  She grew up from 5 1/2 weeks old playing with Parker even though he is so much bigger then she is.  She has been instrumental in turning Parker into the gentle giant that he is.

Piri has been raised strictly with Canine Game Theory as has Asher.


Asher (AKA Muppet Man), Heeler/Hovawart mix, born Feb 22, 2013.  Asher is a curious blend of herding dog and guardian dog.  He is also very shy and reserved around new people.  Those he trusts (which are many) receive his exuberant attentions.  

Asher is in training to replace Brynda as the demo dog, buddy dog, teaching dog for the shy, reactive and over excitable client dogs.  He does things totally different then Brynda, he is not the nurse/caretaker type; he just initiates play with anyone he meets and has learned how to get any dog to play with him.  

And of course we are all about play!!!

Asher has also learned from watching Micah how to alert to any low blood sugar episodes of Jamie's.  The original reason Jamie got him was to replace Micah someday.  He is well on his way to doing that.

His favorite activity, other than biting Brynda's legs, is to sit in a corner of the yard and watch.  Asher has no awards or titles, but he doesn't need any, he is just the Asher Man.


Micah (AKA Monkey or Puppy Boy), Border Collie/Pit Bull mix, born Mar 15, 2009. Micah is the epitome of herding dog and has to control everything and everyone. Nothing escapes his notice, especially Jamie's blood sugar levels.  He will alert Jamie at 99 long before she feels any effects of low blood sugar.

Micah has been training for everything Jamie could think of to keep him from going bonkers due to his energy level.  He has awards and titles in Rally Obedience, Agility, Musical Freestyle, Trick Dog and Treibball in addition to having passed all tests to be a service dog. 

It's amazing sometimes how smart this boy is.  He learns things so fast that you'd swear he'd been trained for months.  And to think, Jamie got him on a dare and never intended to keep him once he was trained.  Now she wouldn't sell him for a trillion dollars.

Micah's motto is "What are we learning new today".

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