Canine Parkour Open is all about honing the skills learned in Novice, adding more difficult skills in preparation for Excellent and Master and opening up the field of obstacles.

Five qualifying runs (obstacle/skill sets) are required for the Open title.  You do not have to set up a "course", you can video each obstacle/skill separately and then stitch the video together to make one or send links to each video.

Remember, no collars, only harnesses and a 20 foot leash.  For leashless please email us first for approval with a video showing how good your dog is off leash.  Unless of course you are doing this in a fenced in area with no other dogs present.

Skills for Canine Parkour Open Standard are:

All Novice Skills

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. In
  4. Over
  5. Through
  6. Around
  7. Under
  8. Up
  9. Stand
  1. Crawl
  2. Back Up
  3. Jump
  4. Slanted Kick Off
  5. Turn

Course 1

In Vehicles
Up Ledge
Around Tree
Sit Ledge
Down Ledge
Stand Ledge
Through Vehicles
Under Ramps
Over Ramps
Crawl Ledge
Back Up Vehicles
Jump Pool Noodle
Turn Ledge
Slanted Kick Off Tree

Course 2

In Vehicles
Up Ledge
Around Traffic Cones
Sit Ramps
Down Table
Stand Ramps
Through Vehicles
Under Ladder
Over Ledge
Crawl Table
Back Up Ramps
Jump Ladder
Turn Ledge
Slanted Kick Off Ramps

In Training

Standard Parkour



Jumpers Parkour

Creative Parkour