Each course in Novice covers all the skills on one object each.  These objects should not exceed elbow height for your dog.  Some will be the same object for a variety of skills.  Most of the objects in Novice do not need to be done out in an urban, suburban or rural setting but can be done in your living room if you wish.

With all obstacles listed, suggested skills to apply to that obstacle will be in parenthesis. For novice, no obstacle should be higher than elbow height for your dog other than stairs.  Benches, tables and chairs when used for through and under should be lower than head height on your dog.   

All exercises are performed with the dog on leash.  You can train off leash, but all videos must show the dogs with their harness and long line.

Creativity with these obstacles is always welcome but will need prior approval. 

Three qualifying runs (obstacle/skill sets) are required for the novice title.  You do not have to set up a "course", you can video each obstacle/skill separately and then stitch the video together to make one or send links to each video.

Skills for novice are:

  1. Sit
  2. Down
  3. In
  4. Over
  5. Through
  6. Around
  7. Under
  8. Up
  9. Stand

Course 1

Obstacles to use: 

  • Cardboard box (In, Around, Through)
  • Hula Hoop (Sit, Down)
  • Very Low Table (Under, Up)
  • Brick (Over, Stand)

Course 2

Obstacles to use: 

  • Bench (Over)
  • Broom (Under)
  • Bush (Around, Through)
  • Stairs (Up, Stand)
  • Hose (In, Sit, Down - laid on ground in circle like a hoop)

Course 3

Obstacles to use: 

  • Tree (Around)
  • Trash can (Over)
  • Stairs (Sit, Down)
  • Hula Hoop (Through, In)
  • Bench (Under, Up, Stand)

Course 4

Obstacles to use:

  • Log (Over, Sit, Down)
  • Stump (Up Around, Stand)
  • Railing (Under)
  • Box (In, Through)

Course 5

Obstacles to use:

  • Fire Hydrant (Around)
  • Rocks (Up, Sit, Down, Stand, Over)
  • Table (Under, Through)
  • Boxes (In)

Course 6

Obstacles to use:

  • Stairs (Up, Sit, Down, Stand)
  • Pail (Around)
  • Hoops (Through)
  • Bench (Over, Under)

Course 7

Obstacles to use:

  • Tires (In, Sit, Down, Stand, Up, Around, Over)
  • Boxes (Through, Under)

Course 8

Obstacles to use:

  • Stump (Up, Sit, Down)
  • Curb (Stand, Over)
  • Bicycle Rack (Through, Around)
  • Railing (Under)
  • Hose (In)

Course 9

Obstacles to use:

  • Ladder (In, Sit, Stand)
  • PVC Pipe (Around, Under)
  • Bench (Down, Through, Over, Up)

Course 10

Obstacles to use:

  • Log (Up, Sit, Stand)
  • Ramp (Over, Under)
  • Tree (Around)
  • Rock (Stand)
  • Box (In, Through)

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