Standard Parkour is at the beginning of understanding obstacles and what to do with them.  Every skill is assessed in each "course" with a variety of obstacles. 

In order to gain a Novice Canine Parkour title in standard your dog must gain 190 points in each of three courses.  There are currently 10 courses for each title of increasing difficulty.  Three courses in each level will address how to change the course if 1) you are disabled 2) your dog is disabled 3) your dog is a senior and 4) your dog has a joint issue.

For each level after Novice 5 qualifying runs of 190 points or better are required.  Once a dog has 20 qualifying runs, s/he achieves a Champion Title for Standard Canine Parkour.

What many people never get the chance to do is apply “basic training” to real life. Instead they focus on an obedience training class, usually about the time that your dog seems out of control and you’ve reached the tipping point of actually getting something done.

In real life Canine Parkour teaches your dog to wait and stay, to take direction from you and to pay attention even with the distraction of other dogs. It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch, had some training, have an older dog or a puppy, in essence urban agility teaches basic obedience skills only it’s fun.

That's what Standard is all about.  It’s about how to take all that obedience and apply it to life, to the environment and to your relationship with your dog.   

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