Dogs must be registered to apply for Titles. Complete the Registration Form. Make payment by PayPal at Put your PayPal transaction number on all your title application forms along with your transaction number for each title paid for.

Your registration will be processed and your number assigned by email. Each dog needs a separate registration number. Registrations are permanent and do not require renewal. A single registration is valid for all Titles. The cost of registration is $25 for each dog. The cost for each Title except In Training is $15.

Along with your registration you may submit links to the videos for Canine Parkour Dog In Training.  Everyone must submit for In Training before moving on even if you have a title in another venue.  We stress safety in all ways and this must be demonstrated.

If you do not qualify for a Title with a submission, your next submission is only $5.  Put all three transaction numbers on a re-submission for a title.

While doing any course, handlers are encouraged to interact with their dogs. Verbal and/or hand/body cues are allowed. There is no penalty for multiple cues.  There are penalties however for not following safety protocols, using equipment other then what is allowed or "correcting" a dog by any method.

A title confers a sense of accomplishment, fluency and cooperation.  If your dog can't do the skills without needing to be corrected, then the dog is not ready for a title.

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