There are many exercises used in agility and other sport to increase balance and coordiantion as well as strengthening the muscles dogs use for balance and proprioception. These muscles are of three types

  • Type I or slow twitch muscles and  are characterized by low force/power/speed production and high endurance
  • Type IIA or fast twitch muscles and the characteristics are between Types I and IIB
  • Type IIB also knows as fast twitch muscles but using different substances to achieve the movement and are characterized by high force/power/speed production and low endurance

Like any other functionality that we would like out dogs to have as canine athletes, these muscles should be used and trained for balance and coordination as well as strength, flexibility and speed.

Although these exercises may seem simple, but your dog will be doing a significant amount of work. 

Core Balance, Proprioception & Coordination

I Can Do It Up Here

Whirly Gig

Narrow Roads

Squishy Moves

Walk The Wall

Kick Off

Tree Climbing

Figure Eights 

Tighten It Up Turns


In Training

Standard Parkour



Jumpers Parkour

Creative Parkour